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times square blackout

Earth Hour is an initiative started by WWF that takes place worldwide.

The goal was to be a symbol for a movement of collective action for nature. 

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Create a campaign to rally a fight against climate change.


People in big cities aren't really able to see how we are affecting the planet on a day-to-day basis and in the long run.

We don't quite realize there's only one planet Earth with one life. One chance.

We need to wake up.

How do you wake up?

                From a dream?               

                     You have to die..?


the's not a game

crumbling buildings.gif

On an unspecified secret evening, there were will be a projection mapping on New York City's Times Square, of all the billboards crumbling.


Times Square takes 60 seconds to crumble to the ground and the billboards blackout. Suddenly, letters start to appear across the screens.    

"Do something before it's too late."

"Don't be a n00b. Pick up your trash & remember to recycle."

start screen.gif

"Unlock the ultimate achievement."

"Game over."

"Ready, set, recycle."

"Mission unlocked: Clear the rubbish"

Execution #1: Complete quests

Simple black screen pixelated digital OOH displays (malls, airport, subways, bus stops) with "missions" aka tips on actionable steps to take to fight climate change.



Pick up 5 pieces 

of trash today.


Execution #2: Score points by recycling

Select recycle bins will have metal detector sensors, so when someone recycles an aluminum can or batteries or any other recyclable metal, it activates the sensor and triggers a money sound (like the cash register sound of venmo) or earning points sound (sonic rings, mario coins, etc.)

Execution #3: Keeping track of the global team effort

Live health bars measuring planet Earth's health in different aspects will be streamed in real time on digital billboards: air pollution levels, amount of pounds of recycled products made per minute, etc. 

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