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Create a campaign to remind consumers to turn off the lights when they leave their homes.



People who remember to turn off the lights have built a habit.

People who forget to turn off the lights need to build a habit.

(They probably didn't receive home trainin'!)


It's a Turn On to Turn Off:

a personalized

30-day program

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Execution #1: Light Switch decals

Start em' young! These will be favorites for new parents and homeowners. Each sticker serves as a reminder right at the point of access to conserve energy by flipping the switch.

It's never too late! Here's one for your very mature classy friend who "forgets" to recycle and drives a Hummer. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 6.26.32 PM.png

Execution #2: A digital reminder that lasts 30 days

phone mockup.png

An accountability partner to remind users

to turn off their lights several times a day:

There's a buddy for everyone!

For example, we could have a

Drake otter and have all

the notifications

sound like him.

(exhibit A)

animal characters:

sassy rupaul seal: "please turn

it off before you sashay away kween*~*~*~*"

sexy ryan gosling blonde gorilla: everything begins with "hey


angry gordon ramsay

krab: "turn off the

fucking lights, you

idiot sandwich!"

positive DJ khaled polar bear: "they don't want you to turn it off!"

  • 2 hours after their first alarm

  • when their GPS location is leaving home

  • when there is movement after a period of rest

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